Mo Money Mo Problems


Lets talk NCAA, mainly football and basketball. Here are some facts that most people know; College sports is a multi-billion dollar industry everyone knows that and it is exponentially growing the problem that occurs with that is they are profiting off of someone or many of someones that don’t receive much of anything for how valuable they really are to the institution of “amateur” athletics. According to approximately 86% of college athletes live under the poverty line. So let me put this in perspective about 1%-2% of college athletes go pro in their respective sport so that means about 98% of players get no money from there athletic careers where the colleges who have these athletes are receiving more then enough money to kick back these players a couple bucks so they don’t live below the poverty line. For example the Big 12 one of the lesser of the big conferences in NCAA landed a TV deal with ABC/ESPN and FOX that landed them 2.6 billion dollars over 13 years according to this means a 20 million dollar payday roughly to each school in the conference per year. Now can someone explain to why athletes in college don’t receive any type compensation for their contributions to their respective schools? But seriously can someone explain because it really doesn’t make any sense to me. See the thing is I understand the NCAA not wanting to give up their money is it fair no but I get it but one of the things I also don’t understand is why the NCAA insists on not allowing players to receive money from the fame they have gained because of the ability they have. Such as the clear poster boy for this now a days Johnny “football” Manziel, what’s the big deal with him receiving money from selling autographed memorabilia. I believe that he earned the ability to sell his autograph; no one would want it if he weren’t a good player. I’m just saying it doesn’t seem like the college athletes are getting a fair deal out of all this.


Links that make me think: Pay college athletes? NCAA TV deal

Sources:  Sporting News Forbes


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